Video Revision Fee (Corrections)



A $10.00 USD Revision Fee is applied per video for changes.
See More Info below:

Any Typos or Changes to Text by Travel Agent will cost $10.00 USD.
Travel Agents should always double check their spellings as it’s apart their business. We are not responsible for receiving incorrect information. You must always double check your work.

If you upload a logo that is not high quality and the video needs to be redone. It will cost $10.00 USD.
Any other logo changes will also cost $10.00 USD.
If you purchase the personal logo added, the placement differs for each video dependent on your logo size and what the video already contains.

Archer Travel Error
Any Errors in your digital product/s made by Archer Travel will be revised and re-sent to you immediately free of charge. Email

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Re-Do Fee

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